Essay on Analysis of The Doctoral Research Process

Essay on Analysis of The Doctoral Research Process

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The doctoral research process will challenge the most learned student, inspire true seekers of truth, and culminate in a dissertation which adds essential information to the existing relevant body of literature (Leedy & Omrod, 2010) Some would say that finding truth is the object of the doctoral research process, while others insist that any information that expands the current understanding of a subject suffices as the end result for the doctoral research process. The purpose of this paper will be to: address the complexities of the doctoral research process, outline the stages of the research process, examine research goals, explore reliability and validity, and summarize doctoral research process.
The Process
The doctoral research process begins with definition and selection of the general research topic subject which involves: conducting a literature review in the field, developing research questions, comprehending and expressing the research problem, defining the project focus and boundaries, writing a thorough study plan and thesis (Leedy & Omrod, 2010; Donnelly & Fitzmaurice, 2011). The research process develops differentially according to subject matter relevance, discipline, and the type of study necessary (Donnelly & Fitzmaurice, 2011).
Research studies can be theory-based or have an applied science base. Statistical methodologies utilized in research studies can include qualitative, quantitative, or blended (Leedy & Omrod, 2010; Donnelly & Fizmaurice, 2011). The researcher must decide which method will most appropriately extract the information needed to provide the truth within. The doctoral research process involves learning about different types of methodologies and which method works best with which type of stu...

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