Analysis of the Development of Artificial Intelligence Essay

Analysis of the Development of Artificial Intelligence Essay

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Artificial intelligence has come a long way since the first robot. In 1950, Alan Turing of Britain publishes, Computer Machinery and Intelligence. This book was proposed to be the birth of artificial intelligence as we know it. The first robot that presents the usage of artificial intelligence was built in 1969. The purpose of this robot was to try out navigation using basic tools such as cameras and bump sensors (Marshall 371). Since then, we have made a million robots way better than this one and we’re going to continue doing so. While the world advances, so is technology. It’s slowly progressing and become better and more reliable. Artificial intelligence is a certain type of technology that is resourceful to our nation. We are using it in the medical field, it’s been helpful to military forces, and it’s helping our world become a better place.
The expert systems that are created to help in the medical field have been programmed to help in one specific area of medicine (Masci). This is a good strategy to slowly introduce robotics into the medical field. If each robot is specially set up to help with, for example, kidney transplant, the robot would be capable of being an expert and learning how to make these procedures more efficient. Some may argue that robots would be inadequate in the operating room because they may not recognize certain situations. How will we know what these systems can and cannot handle until we try? Scientists now are formulating a plan to program these machines with knowledge that would easily be retrievable. The scientist will word situations in a certain way so the robots can easily identify the information they need to solve the problem (Masci). In an article about this topic, t...

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...first robot and in twenty or fifty years we will be even farther. The world is going to get more and more technologically savvy as more research is done and more advancements take place.

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