Analysis Of The Dance ' Until We Go Down ' By Yana And Taught It At D Side Dance Studio

Analysis Of The Dance ' Until We Go Down ' By Yana And Taught It At D Side Dance Studio

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Energetic. Classic. Alluring. Perpetual. Contemporary dance is a type of dance that allows dancers to express themselves through various dance genres with certain types of dance including modern, jazz, lyrical, and classical ballet. Many dancers who excel in contemporary dance aim to link their body and mind through fluid dance movements. Yana Abraimova created a contemporary dance to the song “Until We Go Down” by Ruelle and taught it at D Side Dance studio. In this paper I will be discussing how Abraimova’s choreography is very unique with versatile and fluid movement, while the dance has tons of Horton Moves as well which makes the instructors choreography more challenging. Her dance takes its course by focusing on tons of floor work, while using gravity to pull dancers down to the floor through versatility and improvisation. When the first dancer enters on the dance floor, which is the actual choreographer Yana Abraimova, she draws immediate attention to herself from her audience because she has so much energy filled with emotion and dramatic movements. Abraimova’s movements clearly correspond with the song she chose to choreograph her piece to, “Until We Go Down” by Ruelle. In her choreography, it is such a coincidence that many of her movements are turns that make the dancer end up spiraling out of a turn and land onto the floor. Since she choreographed her dance to a specific song, the meaning of the song and the dance moves make her dance unique because the moves she chose specifically are original, dramatic, and offset the song.
Moreover, Abraimova was the choreographer and the instructor teaching this dance in this video, and it looks like she is teaching students from the ages of ten to fifteen. Her choreography ...

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...lass at a dance studio nearby in Chattanooga, Tennessee. So many dancers would be so excited to learn Ambraimova’s dance choreography because she teaches dance outside of the United States. Since dance originated from countries outside of the United States, the movements along with the dance technique are very strong and original. Ambraimova should continue her dance career by giving back to the youth and share her unique and talented choreography all over the world. She should travel to the United States Specifically, and introduce more dancers to strong, fierce, energetic, and dramatic dance movements all in one. This would be amazing to watch talented dancers master this amazing style of choreography. Ambraimova is very talented and ambitious and she should continue to challenge dancers to dance out of their comfort zone through contemporary dance by improvising.

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