Analysis Of ' The Da Vinci ' Essay examples

Analysis Of ' The Da Vinci ' Essay examples

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Leonard Da Vinci, Part three.

Today we cover Part three of Leonardo Da Vinci, and his painting, the “Mono Lisa”.

The other most famous painting of Da Vinci is the Mono Lisa now on exhibited in the Louvre, at Paris.

About twenty years ago one of my students asked me the question “what is your opinion of the Da Vinci Code?’ My reply was “At this point I am not sure how to give you an answer, however it is my opinion, based on what I do know now, I place no credence in this theory.”
Now, twenty years later and doing some research on the subject, namely the book “The Da Vinci Code” by Dan Brown, that was printed in 2003. In a previous post I made the statement “ I have not read the book, as I felt that it would be a waist of my time. By the time I got to the 55th chapter, which I felt was the most repugnant of all. I realized it was a waist of my time. The following is what I did find:
The Publishing Co. Doubleday, makes the following statement, “All of the characters in this book are factious. “
Dan Brown starts in his “Ackn...

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