Essay about Analysis Of The Cnn Documentary ' Ivory Tower ' By Andrew Rossi

Essay about Analysis Of The Cnn Documentary ' Ivory Tower ' By Andrew Rossi

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The CNN documentary “Ivory Tower”, created by Andrew Rossi, highlights some of the questions surrounding the issues within the higher education system of America. The main question debated throughout the film, is whether or not higher education is worth the continued rise in tuition. In order to make an affective argument that will convince and engage the audience, it is important for Rossi to use different kinds of appeals. The appeals, which include the ethical appeal, the pathetic appeal, and the logical appeal, all add to the effect of persuasion that the piece can have on the audience. After watching “Ivory Tower”, and coming away with a new outlook about the higher education system, this film definitely had moments that included these different appeals.
Firstly, the ethical appeal, also known as ethos, focuses on trust and authority. This appeal mainly focuses on the credibility of the creator. In “Ivory Tower” there were many experts brought in to explain facts about college life, and what is contributing to the current national student debt of $1 trillion dollars. Two facts that stood out to me were that, “35% of students don’t study more than 5 hours per week” and “68% of public university students don’t graduate in 4 years”. These facts supported Rossi’s theory that students that attend college, are not excelling the way they should be and are spending thousands of dollars a year to focus more on socializing rather than their studies. Students from different universities throughout the United States, like Arizona State University, explain how students like themselves just look for the “easy” classes. This film brings up the website “rate my professor”, and how students aren’t looking for a challenge, they just want to g...

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...tes to the current issue that our country is having with student debt. The main component of this law is the FASFA form. Students now believe they can afford the high prices of colleges, and do not realize that their interest bearing loans can potentially take the rest of their lives to pay back. Considering that it was stated that “1.25% of colleges provide full scholarships to students”, not many students are fortunate enough to receive education at a low cost. These facts explain how even though college prices are rising, students haven’t found a new way to repay these loans, other than being strapped to them for many years after they receive their diploma.
The inclusions of these appeals add to the ability of persuasive piece. The key to an audience being convinced fully of an argument is when the audience is being persuaded logically, ethically and emotionally.

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