Analysis Of The Business Assesement Of Gladwell Grocery Chain Essay example

Analysis Of The Business Assesement Of Gladwell Grocery Chain Essay example

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Overview Abstract
As detailed in phases I of the Business Assesement of Gladwell Grocery chain. The base line of the business consist of. Mr. Bell currently acting as the Operations Manager as well as the Human Resource Manager who travels to each location weekly. Which requires taking care of all recruiting, scheduling, hiring, and answering questions for employees as requested. As an independent HR consultant in charge of helping implement Tom 's plan of action for helping reduce his travel to each location each week. As well as all HR expenses and processes. In doing such the next step is to assess the business, identification of the inefficient HR related processes affecting Gladwell Grocery Stores. Being able to also pinpoint possible solutions, by narrowing down on an HRIS application that will suit the business of the grocery chain.
HRIS Needs Assessment
When prioritizing the top three (3) benefits that HRIS (Human Resources Information Systems ) will offer Gladwell Grocery Chain it simply comes down to what will be most beneficial to the chains long and short term future of the organization. The 1st benefit in priority order is cost. Being one of Tom Bell 's major concern was to cut down on cost it is crucial to make sure that this benefit is aligned properly with the operational expense of the company. When it comes to cost with any system, there are obviously acquisition costs. Such as software which are more cost effective to handle from a cost point of view. The second benefit of HRIS for the need of the grocery chain is recruiting management. Recruitment management  is the importance of how applicant tracking, management, and reporting. The third benefit of HRIS when related to Gladwell Grocery is accuracy. Im...

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... Oracle application safe from changes of direction in hardware and operating system. Being one of the strongest standing vendors Oracle is able to spend more on R&D than most of its competitors earn revenue yearly. Oracle also has a phenomenal ability to manage multiple databases within the same transaction using a two-phase protocol. Although both are different in several way both have hr operations factors that are proven to the best in the HRIS assessed system feasibility. Based on my comparison of both vendors, the HRIS vendor that I recommend to my client at Gladwell Grocery has to be Oracle. Oracle proven track record of solid technical and operational feasibility, economic and political withstandings. Being Tom as so on his plate my recommendation to use Oracle was based on the companies many years of experience and we 'll proven operating hr practices.

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