Analysis of The Breadwinner

Analysis of The Breadwinner

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Setting - Identify the physical (when/where) settings of the book. How do these settings affect the moods or emotions of the characters?
The setting of the novel is located in Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, under the harsh Taliban rule. The Taliban governs most of the country and impose stringent restrictions on the Afghan people, especially women (P.7 “She wasn't really meant to be outside at all. The Taliban had ordered all girls and women in Afghanistan to stay inside their homes. They even forbade girls to get to school.”) The location of the novel influences the emotions and moods of the characters to be depressed and stressed because the location is set in a violent situation where houses continually being bombed and land mines are anchored everywhere in the city (P.16 “There were bombed-out buildings all over Kabul. Neighbourhoods had turned from homes and businesses into bricks and dust. Kabul had once been beautiful.”) Parvana and her family lives in a one-room house after moving for safety several times which cause everything to be congested in one place. This is difficult for anyone in Parvana's family to be alone which triggers tension amongst one another. The setting of the story is set in a nation under a turmoil of war and chaos which portrays the main character, Parvana, to be depressed and deeply emotional.

Describe how tension is built-in the novel. Discuss how this building tension affects you as a reader.
Tension starts to build up when four Taliban soldiers come to Parvana’s apartment, ransack their house and capture their father to prison.
Parvana is becoming anxious and concerned about her father (P.35 “Where was her father? Did he have a soft place to sleep? Was he cold? Was he hungry?”). Fatana (Parvana’s mother) wants her husband back desperately (P.37 “We don’t have time to wait for tea. Parvana and I are going to get your father out of jail”) Parvana and her mother started to search for their father at the prison. When they arrive, the guards turn them down and beat them. Parvana and her mother return home bruised and battered (P.46 “Mother’s feet were so bad from the long walk that she could barely make it into the room. Parvana had been so preoccupied with her own pain and exhaustion, she hadn’t given any thought to what mother had been going through.”) Parvana's mother is feeble and languishing of poignancy over her husband; the family is struggling to sustain a living since women are forbidden to go outside their home and there is no man to help make money for the family (P.

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52 “leave her alone!” Nooria yanked her away. “Can’t you see she’s depressed?” “We’re all depressed,” Parvana replied. “We’re also hungry.”). Food and water is diminishing and the family is in a plight situation. Nooria wants food and the kids need water to drink and bath (P.51 “We have to save water. ” … On the fourth day, the food ran out.). The tension build up in the story makes everything in the book seem intriguing and promotes more suspense to the story. It makes me frustrated when the tension builds up so quickly that the story turns from the setting of the well off and educated family and then turning in danger since the Taliban capture father, the person who the family depends most on. The tension in this novel is built very quickly and turns the feeling of the story from a warm and loving family to a feeling of oppression and depress which captures reader’s mood when reading. “Quote For loving family.”

Identify a round character from the novel. Identify a flat character from the novel. Compare and contrast the round and flat characters, and how you think about them.
The round character, Parvana is modelled as a courageous and family orientated person who sacrifices her life for the greater good of her family.
A significant rounded character in the novel is Parvana who is the main character of the story; almost everything that happens in the story revolves around Parvana. She risks her life by disguise herself to become a male to help her family survive by doing everything possible to earn money. A flat symbolic character in the novel is Ms. Weera who is the person, which helps the family to sustain a living when father is gone. She is the one who made Fatana overcome poignancy over father and moving forward with life (P.60 “We’re getting your mother cleaned up, and she doesn’t need another pair of eyes on her. … Ms. Weera had gotten Mother up and washed.”).
As Parvana is brought up from a family which value relationship which I can understand why she does whatever she does in the story to restore the family well being. This to me is important because I value my family and I like her choices in life. The author does not illustrates a lot of details on Ms. Weera as much as the author gives information about Parvana. Round characters are characters that the novel focuses on and is supposed to be one of the principal people. The author portrays the round character's perspectives and feelings deeply the round character’s actions affects the reader’s perception. Round charcaters develop throughout the story such as Parvana not arguing with Nooria as much. Flat characters are characters that supports the round characters but the author does not give much information on their feelings and thoughts in the story the author just provides basic outlines and characteristics of flat characters such as age, gender and if he/her is a protagonist or an antagonist. The flat characters does not affect the readers as much as the round character. The reader gains insight from the round characters, the actions and feelings of the round characters help to capture the reader’s mood.
Identify the protagonist of the novel. Illustrate how this character has been developed as the protagonist. Identify the antagonist of the novel. Illustrate how this character has been developed as the antagonist.
The protagonist in the breadwinner is Parvana and the Antagonist in the novel is the Taliban. The protagonist in the novel is Parvana because she is the main character in the novel. She is developed as the protagonist in the story because everything in the novel revolves around her and she is the person who the novel focuses on and is modelled as a kind and considerate person. The protagonist is often said to be “The leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc” (The Oxford Dictionary) and in the Breadwinner, Parvana is the leading and mjor character in the novel and teh Breadwinner is told from her piont of view. The antagonist in the story is the Taliban because the Taliban is a faction that makes trouble and causes problems to the protagonist. The Taliban is developed as an antagonist from the start of the story because the

Point of View
Identify whose thoughts and feelings author is presenting in the novel. Does the author only tell you one person’s thoughts/feelings or several people’s thoughts/feelings? Discuss how this influences your perspective on the events in the novel.

The story is told from Parvana’s point of view but includes numerous other people’s feelings. The significant characters that the author tells their feelings are Nooria, when the tension builds up in the story, Maryam’s thoughts and feelings are are portrayed in some occasions such as when Paravana took him to the washing tub (Page Number Quote”). Most spoken thoughts and perspectives are based on Parvana's point of view (F.C “starvation or survival- a girl’s life under the taliban rule.”). When Paravana is walking down the markets to buy food for her family, the story explains what her view points are and how she feels about disguising herself to be a male (P.70 “Out on the street, she kept waiting for people to point at her and call her a fake. No one did.”). But when Paravana had a quarrel with Nooria on making supper, the book did not show both girl’s perspectives, it focuses on just one which is Paravana but showed Nooria’s feelings by adding exclamation marks and poetic devices in the speeches (P.73 “I’ll help you with supper,” she offered. “You? Help? All you do is get in my way.” Parvana fumed. It was not possible to be nice to Nooria!”) This heavily influenced my opinions on the novel because I get to see only one character's opinions which makes me think about this character in a positive way or a negative in some situations. Sometimes I understand the story more deeply when the author included other people’s feelings and thoughts in the story (Page Number “Quote”) this adds another layer of texture to the story and makes it enjoyable to view. It is delightful to hear from more than one person’s feelings and thoughts on a situation in a story because I get to sense what other characters are feeling in the novel.

Tier 3 Every story has a conflict. Describe the main conflict in the novel in detail.
The main conflict in the novel is that the Taliban is imposing stringent restrictions to Afghanistan people and makes the characters in the conflict struggle. The main conflict in the novel is about life under the taliban and how the Taliban imposed stringent religious laws and restrictions to the people of Afghanistan (Page Number Quote). By doing so, minor conflicts happen in result to the main conflict which makes the characters in the story struggle to meet their ambitions in life (Quote Page Number). In result from the Taliban doing so, quarrels happen, starvation occurs and life for the characters are at risk (Page Number Quote). The main conflict stays throughout the novel from the start till the end. There are many conflicts in the Breadwinner; the main conflict in the novel acts as an umbrella in the story with every minor conflict having a clear link to the main conflict.
Criticize how the author resolves the conflict. Do you think the resolution is satisfactory? Why or why not?
Deborah Ellis did not clearly write a resolution to the conflict in the Breadwinner and left Parvana’s future unknown (Page Number Quote). Since the conflict is a very broad and is based on a true story about the Taliban, it is very hard to resolve and summarize the conflict into one whole book. The conflict is about the Taliban imposing restrictions to the Afghan people and making the characters in the novel struggle to survive, a family and their friends cannot resolve that problem because the taliban is very powerful; the characters can still move to someplace else so they won’t struggle as much. Nooria and Homa did but Parvana, the main character did not and the author left her future unfogged. Deborah should have added more detail towards the ending like for instance Parvana gets to meet Nooria and her family at Mazar and have a better life or she and her father escape to Pakistan. But in this case, the author wrote about the Taliban taking over Mazar and set a concerning scene for Parvana, Ms. Weera and father; this made Parvana feel anxious and concern over her family and made the ending very brief. There is no clear resolution to the main conflict in Breadwinner however, minor conflicts that are caused from the main conflict have been solved and ended happily. on a true story,

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