Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Young Goodman Brown '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Young Goodman Brown '

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From "The Problem of Faith in "Young Goodman Brown,"" the author talked about how the psychological consciousness of faith acted in Hawthorne 's tales. In his article, instead of specifically identify the story, he decided to discuss the story in a three-dimension way and got the result that "The story is all three: a dream vision, a conventional allegory, and finally an inquiry into the problem of faith that undermines the assumptions upon which the allegory is based," (Levy). Based on his thought on this story, "I believe that one must first of all interpret the story literally," (Levin) things like "the red ribbon" and "the shadow in the fire" should not be considered with extra meaning. I think the story "Young Goodman Brown" was certainly written by Hawthorne to prove when the evil thought pushes one away from his or her faith, this person 's deep consciousness of right and wrong will protect himself or herself automatically.
Through the whole article, I agree with Levy 's idea about "Faith Brown, the wife of three months, is simply "Faith," and Goodman Brown is Everyman," (Levy) and the whole story is about how a person changes his faith but when he changes, the force of the faith will puzzle him which influences his thought on both faiths and leads him to give up both faiths. In the story, the author first talks about Brown wanted to quit at the beginning, however, the old man who "had an indiscernible air of one who knew the world" (306) tries to convince Brown to follow him and insist his evil impulses. However, Brown loved Faith so much, so he decided not to follow his evil impulse but to resist this will. However, when the elder person talked about the history of himself with Brown 's family and himself with people w...

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...said "She skips along the street, and bursting kissed her husband before the whole village. But, Goodman Brown looked sternly and sadly into her face, and passed on without a greeting," (315) to show when a person loses faith, even the one they loved the most will also worth nothing. And in the story of "Young Goodman Brown," the Faith is the faith which easily disappears and when it comes back to the stage, it is no longer credible in a person 's consciousness.
The readers cannot easily determine if the story was just a dream or not. The author mentioned that during Brown 's whole life, he could not escape from suspicious and desire, what once he believed and people he trusted were no longer worth to trust. Even his wife Faith, he does not have any evidence to prove that Faith was still the original person, the only thing left between them is the infinite despair.

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