Analysis Of The Book ' Yakobovich 's Story ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Yakobovich 's Story ' Essay

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Oren Yakobovich’s story begins when he was born in Israel to a right-wing family. When he was 18-years old, he joined the Israeli army, and served as a part of the infantry unit in the West Bank. Even though he had lived and worked close to that area most of his life, Yakobovich had never been exposed to occupation. After a few years, he refused to serve in the West Bank anymore and, as a result, he was sentenced to time in jail. During that period, he questioned why he had never realized the reality around him, and developed an idea for connecting “his people of Israel” to the “stories and images that he saw ( So, Yakobovich began to film documentaries centered around the Israeli situation in the West Bank. These films went on to receive prestigious awards and recognitions, but Yakobovich realized that films can only do so little. He knew that his work was inspiring many, but was not creating actual change where it was needed most. Yakobovich also lamented that his short-term stay in Israel were merely snapshots that never empowered the subjects of his projects. He realized that his departure once the film was complete, left the local people with no tools to use themselves. This led Yakobovich to wanting to “give the power to the people because they are the ones who have to have the equipment in their own hands in order to tell their own stories” (video).
Thus, Videre est Credere (Videre) was created. The human rights organization, which is named after the Latin motto “to see is to believe,” works to protect the rights and dignities of all who are oppressed under highly authoritarian regimes. Videre trains and equips local activities by providing the proper strategies, tools, and tra...

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...g in the news is not the reality.” Rather, we are shown “the crash of the reality, the drama.” If media wishes to be effective, it must understand what is happening before the crash. The media should “find a way to work with the people” by collaborating on which stories should be broadcasted, in what light, and when. Yakobovich advocates for shift towards “a new medium of distribution.”

Part 2:
Yakobovich approached digital exclusion and censorship, by engaging citizen journalism where there was none. He saw that there was a great disconnect between traditional media’s representation of “dramas” and decided to create a new system by which the actual people living in the conflicts, would be able to expose their realities by themselves, without having it misrepresented by detached media spokespeople. In this way, Yakobovich truly exemplifies social entrepreneurship.

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