Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Winds Of Change '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Winds Of Change '

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Chandi Weber
GES 101
Critique #1
Years of Living Dangerously Episode 6
In the episode “Winds of Change” in Years of Living Dangerously, America Ferrera looks into renewable energy and how important it is to change our environment. Ferrera interviews various people for their opinion and expertise on the source and focus on the critics who people aren’t fully committed on renewable energy. In the video she discussed the need for renewable energy; she did that by viewing solar and wind energy, discussed how critics like James Taylor of the Heartland Institute are trying to shut it down, and lastly how the power plants that are carbon emitters want a change too before destroying the environment.
America Ferrera made an appearance in Kansas to see a rancher named Pete Ferrel where he talked about how his wind farm is the second best source of income. He talked about how important it is after three years of ongoing drought, which put other ranchers out of business. He argued how important the source is especially with how much it blows in Kansas. Moving forwards Kansas passed a renewable energy law mandating that 20 percent of its electricity must come from renewable sources by 2020.
In the video Ferrera made it frequent to show James Taylor was up to and how he wants to shut down renewable energy. He goes around to states trying to talk them out of renewable energy and tries to address short-term solutions. He talked about how renewable energy is more expensive and big energy companies add jobs to keep people employed. In the video we learned that American Legislative Exchange Council writes more than 100 bills passed each year around the country. Not knowing exactly who the funders are but knowing but knowing they have spent ove...

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... profit as possible. My view on that message was feeling a little bit pushed because they use intense background noise and video in the first part to scare you into their message. It also pushed me away from any other view such as natural gas. The film made me feel nervous for the future especially with people like James Taylor convincing congressmen into different alternatives.
This film educated more on how serious this issue is to not only the environment but also our lives down the future. I knew that power plants were slowly causing climate change but I didn’t realize we could use these alternatives to slow that process. I thought this was a great film that motivated me to be in favor or renewable resources and to think twice about what people say. Even if they seem like the have true evidence its best to check their sources to make sure it’s actually true.

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