Analysis Of The Book ' War Gives Us ' By Chris Hedges Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' War Gives Us ' By Chris Hedges Essay

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In War Gives Us Meaning Author Chris Hedges outlines a few points that give light to the whole book. He outlines three main points. War is part of our culture, we have a myth behind what is actually there and finally, we use war as a crusade. These three main points make up the entree of the whole book.
We can see it our everyday culture with things like Call of Duty and Star Wars. We are feed this stuff as kids and we learn from it. He goes on to talk about how we perceive war as a myth. We as the public do not see the true ugliness of it. All we see is what the military and the press wants us to see. Lastly, we see that war as the crusade. When this being feeds to use from a young age we learn how the enemy is. We also get this when there is a nation tragedy like 9-11. The press then makes the public go one crusade against the people that had caused this against us and we want to seek revenge.
A few points that we can take away is that Nationalism is the base of ignorance, war has a very nasty psychologic effect, and finally, he talks about our expectations of war and the reality of it. Hedges make a great point that Nationalism is the base of ignorance. He tells us that the only way for a nation to have nationalism is by making a certain group the enemy. Just like Hitler did to the Jews in WW2. Along with this example, we see the people of Germany turning against one another to get rid of Jews in order to form the perfect race. I agree with
Hedges plays around with the idea that war is addicting. Reading through the book you can even see Hedges starting to see people that are addicted to war its self. They have addicted the feeling they get and the adrenaline rush they experience. We see in his book the awful things ...

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...was in the heat of a cold war we were in a spending match with the USSR. As the cold war was coming to a close the US switched to a ground-based program. (LIMITED BALLISTIC MISSILE STRIKES. GPALS COMES UP WITH AN ANSWER)
A final example is the F-35. It currently can’t be flown at night or in cloudy weather. Also, the plane can’t be used for close formation, aerobatics, and stalls which the pilots need to familiarize themselves with the plane. (William M. Boardman Fail! The $400 Billion Military Jet That Can 't Fly in Cloudy Weather). This plan gives a clear insight into the military industrial complex. Each plane costs $400 billion dollars, but yet it is unfit for active duty and deployed. We are buying these planes and then not allowing them to fly. We are just pumping money into the company to keep them and the economy going.

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