Analysis Of The Book ' Wake Up : The Big History Of Coffee ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Wake Up : The Big History Of Coffee ' Essay

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Over the course of semester we saw such growth and change in the Americas that it would be difficult to nail down one specific event or occurrence that really pushed our country into an existence. As we saw in the film Wake Up: The Big History of Coffee we noticed that little connections could create some big movements across the globe and in our daily lives. Our history and our country was shaped over time and through assorted events. These events were filled with heartache, confusion, lack of communication, pain, and personal sacrifice. Yet came together and created what we now know as the United States.
Our journey began in 1492 when Christopher Columbus discovered America. While we understand that Columbus did not actually discover the landmass that is North America he did begin the world race to claim America for each country’s own. Christopher Columbus had actually discovered the Bahamas but it was enough to begin a journey that would last centuries.
While it is widely known that the men known as the Founding Fathers really put our country on the ma through their sacrifice, the truth of the matter is that the birth of our country began long before they even arrived on the scene. Our country was as we know it began its journey of personal growth on rocky soil.
In 1607, our journey actually began when 104 British men arrived on the East Coast of America. It was these 104 men that formed the Jamestown Settlement in hope of finding prosperity. Instead of finding the riches they desired they found death. Within just a few months 70 of these men came to their own gruesome deaths. They were plagued by starvation, siege from the natives, internal conflict, and disease. These men were unprepared, unqualified, and set up for t...

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...this country went through. For all the turmoil this young country has gone through it is heartening to see equality finally reigning. America is a place where men and women and children can live peaceably. While it pained me to read of the horrifying events that occurred it brought me a sense of security. Great men and women have risen up in time of need and defended what was important to them. They risked life and safety, ultimately, for us; their future generations. We are immeasurably blessed to have the bittersweet history that we do; to know that people cared enough to create a land that we can call our own. We have been able to learn from their mistakes that we might move on to a brighter future. We are now able to stand amongst the nations and be proud of the country that we know and love. A country where true patriotism rules in the hearts of its citizens.

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