Analysis Of The Book ' Too Much A Good Thing ' By Jamie Oliver Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Too Much A Good Thing ' By Jamie Oliver Essay

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Comparative Critique
Jamie Oliver tells us that obesity is the leading cause of death in America and Greg Critser tells us that obesity is getting so bad that the United Nations are meeting to discuss the issue. Obesity is a serious issue. “I went to the eye of the storm. I went to West Virginia, the most unhealthy state in America” (Oliver 3:27). In Jamie Oliver’s Teach Every Child about Food, Oliver sums up his experiences of helping obese families to give solutions to help cure obesity. In comparison to Oliver’s piece, Greg Critser has published an article titled, “Too Much of a Good Thing”. In this piece, Critser analyzes some current health issues to show how America has become obese. While both authors address how obesity in America can be prevented by helping children be healthier, Oliver approaches the issue by getting involved in the kids’ lives to help them be healthier, while Critser tries more to teach parents the best theoretical ways to prevent obesity in their children. Oliver describes the present as an accountant ruled, number based world where food is cheaper, easier, and unhealthier. This theme of feeding children cheaper and easier food is the source of many problems of obesity. It is interesting to compare Oliver and Critser because their methods to achieve the same goal are different and can be analyzed to see what is effective. Both authors fight to end obesity but Critser doesn’t have the same experience as Oliver so Critsers’ ideas are naive and untested while Oliver’s interaction achieves healthiness with his involvement.
The similarities in the pieces are more apparent than the differences, although the crucial differences are important. In Critser’s “Too Much of a Good Thing”, he argues that children ...

... middle of paper ...

...d to these accountants in that they won’t be there when the cheap food arrives when they are the one buying it. He isn’t as physically involved so he provides solutions that he doesn’t have to be a part of. Critser doesn’t know how bad the food is because he pushes papers more than knowing what it takes for children to lose weight.
Are the ways that Critser and Oliver conduct their reasonings important? While Oliver gets in and gets his hands dirty, he indirectly criticizes Critser and says that the people that don’t get in there and do something aren’t getting anything done. People have to go places, do things, give money, and most importantly be there. Oliver’s method is much more effective than Critser’s because of his willingness to be a part of the movement. Critser is far from the bad guy, he cares and tries to help but he isn’t as effective as Jamie Oliver.

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