Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

Analysis Of The Book ' The Yellow Wallpaper '

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“The Yellow Wallpaper” is a simple horror story about an evil, supernatural room, and the evidence for this is nowhere to be found. Charlotte Perkins Gilmans’ story is much more than a simple horror story about an evil room. Agreeing that it is a simple story would be a shallow analysis of Gilmans’ work. Like an iceberg, there is a much bigger, hidden meaning in “The Yellow Wallpaper”. The horror and supernatural room would only be the tip of the iceberg. It is, in fact, a complex story about the oppression of women, men’s standards of women, and how these two things can lead a woman to insanity.
The story is about the narrator and her husband, who move into a new, but rather old, house for the summer. The narrators’ husbands believe she is suffering from a temporary nervous depression. Because of this, he commands her to not do any physical work, and get as much rest as possible. He even picks out a room for the both of them, which is the room with the yellow wallpaper, that is on the top floor. As the narrator records her time in this big, creepy house —without her husband knowing— she becomes obsessed with the yellow wallpaper in her room. She actively tries to figure out the pattern of the wallpaper and eventually is convinced that there is a woman trapped in the wallpaper. She then works to free this woman by the end of the story. But as the reader gets further into the story it is evident that she is becoming insane with each entry into her journal. The story ends with the narrator freeing the woman trapped inside the wallpaper and her husband passed out at the site of his transformed wife.
The story is written as a personal journal of the narrator. This gives readers a one-way look into the story that is ultimately con...

... middle of paper ...

...arrator insane. Her constant studying of the wallpaper, is her trying to figure out what John wants her to be. As stated in the story, the wallpaper changes, does not follow any pattern, and is hard to follow. Johns’ standards are hard to follow, are always changing, and do not have a consistency to it.
The story ends in an ironic fashion. The narrator becomes free (herself) despite her husbands’ efforts to keep her oppressed and mold her into what he thinks she is supposed to be. The whole point for John and his wife moving into the house is so she can recover from her temporary nervous depression but that does not happen. The opposite happens, she gets worse with each journal entry. In short, “The Yellow Wallpaper” is, in fact, a complex story that showcases the oppression and imposing standards placed on women by men and the effect they have on women, insanity.

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