Analysis Of The Book ' The Year Was 1915 ' By Isadore Hyman Arrived On The Land Of Opportunity '

Analysis Of The Book ' The Year Was 1915 ' By Isadore Hyman Arrived On The Land Of Opportunity '

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The year was 1915 when Isadore Hyman arrived in the Land of Opportunity, his past life put aside, as he had new dreams and goals to follow and achieve. Before Isadore traveled to America, he experienced a life of struggle and tried to maintain his cherished farm property in his homeland. His wife, Sarah Miller, and her two kids, Jason and Max, also traveled to America alongside him.

As immigrants arrive in America, they were ordered to go through checkpoints with their luggage close at hand. A vast gallery of people flew through the docks of Angel Island, many thankful to be off the tightly crammed boats that sailed for days towards freedom. Isadore and his family waited in line to be interrogated. They were all exhausted because it was hard to sleep aboard the boats. Disease ran all around them, bodies were stacked before their very eyes as they kept waiting. The smell of rotting flesh made it harder to even wait another minute, but their dream was only steps away.
After countless hours of standing in line, Isadore moved up with his beloved family, not knowing what was to come of them. “Wir Sind fast da Kinder…” he says with determination. Suddenly shouts of agonizing screaming were heard, everyone gazing to find a man being clubbed with batons by the police. A poor man was being bludgeoned in front of everyone. His screaming became faint just as the officers dragged the bone crushed man away from the scene, a trail of thick maroon-red blood followed. This was only one of many attacks that were to occur upon Isadore’s arrival.
Weeks passed as days flew by, Isadore’s family could smell freedom from afar. They went through four checkpoints, leaving one more to go. All the while, interrogators questioned them a...

... middle of paper ...

...eeing the White Knights surround him. The heat of the burning cross stood before him. His hands were tied behind his back. He cried in fear. The Negro he saw minutes ago lay unconscious close to him. “Our clear goal must be the advancement of the White race and separation of the White and Black races,” the Klan Master pronounced to the others who beckon him to end Isadore for his unjust behavior towards humanity. A Klan member tossed Isadore’s notes about the Klan and his plans to see his kids into the crackling fire.

Before long, the cross buckled and collapsed, causing the Klan to move back. A support beam from the cross fell on top of Isadore, severely crushing him and the unknown man beside him to deal. In that instant, their lived ended. A magnificent yet terrifying beast of flames scorched their bodies, their remains never to be found by loved ones…

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