Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild West ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Wild West ' Essay

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The year is 1886. The wild west is a challenge in itself. Disease, outlaws, gangs, animals, environment, the list of dangers goes on and on. James Owen is a simple, godly man. He is a pastor in the town of Timberweed. All James wants to do is live his life in peace and execute God’s will. He is a man of God and never looks for trouble. Jimmy Owen, James’ younger brother, is nothing like his brother. He looks for trouble and if he cant find any, he creates some. Jimmy takes after his father, the poster boy for outlaws. Blood, bullets, beer, that was his style. He taught his sons how to shoot, how to hunt, how to kill. Jimmy took an interest in his father’s ways, while James turned away from them. He believed there was more to life than guns and killing.
Life was normal for James. Things were going well with his church and he was happy with his life. He tried not to take anything for granted, but he would soon take his perfect life for granted. James had heard the sounds of a horse outside of the church but that wasn’t uncommon. What was strange however, was the rate at which the horse was traveling. It was riding as though someone was trying desperately to get away, and away to here. His mind began to race at the thought of someone coming to the church this late at night. He had no reason to believe the unwelcomed guest meant any harm but he still worried the same. James tended to blow things out of proportion but he couldn’t help it, considering that this was the wild west. James wasn’t about to turn the house of God into a shootout so he worked quickly to get the pistol he kept in his room. He never felt good about keeping a gun in God’s house but it was strictly for self-defense. He shut the lights off and set off at a dead r...

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...The only way that much smoke could be produced would be if a building was on fire and there wasn’t a building for miles and miles. Except the church.
James took his time getting to the burning building; he didn’t have much of a choice. Two of his worse fears had come true in less than 24 hours. His baby brother was dead and his church, his home, his way of life, was destroyed. Jimmy may have upset the Shepard boys but they had no reason to burn down the church. Revenge was a must and he knew just who to serve it to. These men, these savages, are not allowed to live their life in peace. As James watched his church burn, and looked over at his brother’s dead body, he knew it was up to him to avenge his brother’s death. James was a man of God but he couldn’t find it in his heart to forgive them. “To forgive these men is up to God. But to send them to him is up to me.”

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