Analysis Of The Book ' The Terrorist 's Son ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Terrorist 's Son ' Essay

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The end of the story has come. The book, The Terrorist’s Son had a predictable ending. As I stated in my first journal, 1-4 this is going to be another life story. It is a life story that ended well. Zac Ebrahim, the main character in the book, and the author of the book chose a path of his own. He chose to live a life defined by him, not a life he was given. I am glad he did that, but still this does not change that way I felt about the story. I did not enjoy or was even interested in the book. There was no twist, it was just a life story.
Zac Ebrahim had good friends in his teen years. Orlando and Suboh did not look at him in a weird way, or even treated him differently when “Z” told them something that was sitting heavy in his heart. He revealed to his friends his past life, his father’s crime that changed America. The great thing about Orlando and Suboh are that they did not make him feel bad about the crisis that took in his life years ago or even judge him; nothing changed between them when he told them. His friends reminded me of myself. I am that friend that never judges a pe...

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