Analysis Of The Book ' The Teeth ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Teeth ' Essay

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The bones in his teeth crunched like they were made of toothpicks. The boy hadn’t been much of a feast. Scrawny, boney, and barely even a young man, Grendel made quick work of him. The reptile’s tongue trailed across his teeth and his lips, cleaning the last remnants of blood from his face. While satisfied, the beast knew that he would soon hunger for more. Seeing what he had seen earlier, Grendel knew that more would succumb to peer pressure and make the dangerous, last trip into the forest, much as their companion had...
“They say that if you go to the wood’s edge, the beast will find you and eat you alive,” the young man’s voice carried to Grendel’s ears. The reptile snorted. Since his last feeding, he had become somewhat of an urban legend around these parts. He found it quite amusing.
The kids, none looking older than the tender age of 18, had centered themselves around the campfire. The yellow and orange flames danced in the darkness and cast flickering light on nearby trees. Sounds of waves lapping at the nearby ocean shore mingled with the crackling of the burning driftwood. Their campsite wasn’t far; a short trek up the beach. There were about five of them that Grendel could see from his position behind a fairly tall bush.
“What was that?” a trembling voice asked.
“What? I didn 't hear anything,” another said and raised his shoulders in a shrug. The tallest boy, who appeared to be about 17, smirked. This was their ringleader, Grendel realized, as he watched them all turn towards him to listen to his voice.
“Are you scared?” he teased. Even in the scarce lighting, Grendel could see the boy’s face had flushed a dark crimson. The other teenagers snickered. This only served to make the young man’s expression shift to a scowl...

... middle of paper ... chest and no quick way to escape without being seen, the creature turned towards Beowulf. It seemed no other choice, but to fight for his life. Instincts quickly bested logical reasoning, and the beast let out a deafening snarl in aggression.
How dare him! thought Grendel. How dare he harm me! Snarling and baring his razor sharp teeth, he pounced again. Beowulf dove under him, snatching the gun that had been in his hands moments earlier. The black metal glinted in the moonlight, and in a final act of desperation, Grendel leaped forward to knock it back from his grasp once more.
Time seemed to slow, but not slow enough, for the deafening boom of the gun filled his ears and echoed throughout the trees. Fire exploded between his temples and the last thing that the monster heard was the dull thud as his body fell limp against the damp earth of the ground beneath him.

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