Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Stolen Party '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Stolen Party '

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Liliana Heker’s “The Stolen Party” is a literature work that demonstrates the cycle of inequality between rich and poor people that would always suppress those with low incomes. “The Stolen Party” revolves around the experiences of a Hispanic young girl named Rosaura who comes from a humble family background. The story mainly focuses on the income difference between Rosaura’s family and that of Senora Ines, which clearly show that there is a huge social difference between these two families. The issue of whether an individual’s family is rich or poor is never the problem, rather, how these rich people carry themselves and treat the poor in society is the main issue that the story discusses. It is evident that individuals from rich families always have a lot of ego and, in most instances, they victimize and discriminate against poor people on the grounds of their social status.
The act of discriminating against a person because of there being poor is a barbaric act that is disgusting and needs to be avoided at all costs. However, rich people seem to see the act of discrimination against the poor as a virtue of self-identity that allows them to be at the peak of their social class. In the story, the author demonstrates the acts of the main antagonist, Senora Ines, as a rich snob. A rich snob is an individual from a rich financial background who thinks that he or she is superior and more important than other people simply because they are rich or from a wealthy family. In the story, Heker uses the character of Senora Ines to demonstrate the rich snob’s actions. This wealthy lady demonstrates her uncouthness of disliking poor families by discriminating against Rosaura in various ways. When Rosaura is invited to a party in...

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...ory, Senora Ines is the character that represents the upper class that believes that poor people would never be equal to them. Humanity needs a big change to eradicate the discrimination at each level. It is unbelievable that even children can be affected because they come from a humble family. Everyone has the same rights not matter to which economical status we belong. Rich people should give more opportunities to those that really need it, but always with the appropriate respect. Our country has many Rosauras that have experienced difficult moments in their childhood that have motivated them for building a better future.

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