Analysis Of The Book ' The Snake ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Snake ' Essay

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The snake is associated with both negative and positive, or duality, even in christianity. This is shown in the bible in the story of Adam and Eve.The snake in the tale traditionally has been thought to be Satan the devil. However, in this story the snake resembles Prometheus. It gives the humans something that belongs only to the gods, something he believes the human 's need for survival. It becomes their benefactor. The serpent tempts Eve into eating a fruit from the forbidden tree. She believes what he 's saying. Why? Why is it convincing? The hypothesis is that it knows better because it may have gone through the same experience earlier. Maybe it took the fruit and ate, and that would also explain why and how the snake became the wisest animal in the garden. Eve then gave Adam fruit from the forbidden tree. These acts give them additional knowledge, but it gives them the ability to conjure negative and destructive concepts such as shame and evil. God later curses the serpent and the ground. Adam and eve were then banished from the Garden of Eden, for disobeying god.
The star of...

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