Analysis Of The Book ' The Slave Girl ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Slave Girl ' Essay

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The novel The Slave Girl incorporates many important themes that highlight a significant amount of african history: Gender, culture, race, political organization, religion, health and trade. Much of the same these are also be found in the history of other places as well making the novel much more intriguing. In regards to trade, slave trade was very prominent is Nigeria, which is where this novel initially takes place. When Ojebeta, the protagonist was first born, she was considered a miracle because she was the first, and only surviving, daughter her parents had. In order to keep their only daughter, they had spinach leaves tattooed on Ojbeta’s face in hopes that it would keep her safe from kidnappers.
As Objeta grew older and European colonization became more and more prominent, so did foreign diseases. “...There was a kind of sudden death spreading in the area. The people of Ibuza did not know what sort of death it was or whether or not it was caused by some infectious disease” , the disease referred to in the novel as “Felenza” ultimately led to the death of Ojebeta’s parents. Much of the time, people from all over the world were coming to West African countries to trade anything from salt and gold to slaves, which brought all different kinds of diseases that natives had no natural immunity to. To add the issue of maintaining health, the climate of much West African was very humid and moist making diseases increasingly conductive. After the death of Ojbeta’s parents, she was left with just her two brothers: Owezim and Okolie. Felenza was seeming to become an epidemic in Ibuza so Owezim feld the town just giving the explanation “ doing white man’s work”. This left Okolie to take care of his young sister alone.
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...beta eventually married Ma Palagada’s son Clifford, but he later lost interest in her. Ojbeta also fell in love with another man named Jacob Okonli. He traveled alot and converted to Christianity. Eventually he bought back his wife and performed all of the rituals that came along with the process. At this point in time, Ojbeta or Alice, as she came to be known was trying for children but kept losing them after the first two sons, just as her mother had.
This book was excellent. It contained many underlying themes not only about slavery, but about other considerable problems in African history as well. It covered much the material in the text, and the material reviewed in lectures. The amount of overlapped between the text and what I was learning in the classroom was extremely beneficial to my comprehension of the material as well as enhancing the learning experience.

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