Analysis Of The Book ' The Price ' Essay examples

Analysis Of The Book ' The Price ' Essay examples

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The Price
Chad ran into the kitchen, his hands trembling uncontrollably searching for anything large enough to use as a weapon. He couldn’t see through the tears clouding his vision. His hand meets a large carving knife, wrapping his bloody fingers around the smooth wooden handle. Soft footsteps approach him softly. Chad’s voice cracks “Who are you? What do you want from us?” Slowly a short, and thin figure emerges from the shadow. “Oh my god, it can’t be you!”
(two days earlier)
Chanel gasped “Are you really looking at that girl’s ass over there?”
Chad laughed “No! Ok maybe a little, but why does it matter? It’s not like I like her or anything.”
She wanted to say “God you are such an ass.” “I guess, I mean she isn’t even as pretty as me, right?” she says out loud.
“Yeah it was just a quick look anyways, it didn’t mean anything.”
“Ok, so let’s talk talk about the party that’s at Meghan’s after the football game. She says that someone is bringing a keg and she wants us to bring a couple six­packs.”
“Psh, I’ve got that all under control. *lifts up shirt* See everything is going to be fine.”
*hits Chad* “Stop! Don’t mess around. This party has to be perfect, Jayden is asking
Mandy to homecoming!”
“You’re making me go to a party that is going to revolve around a damn homecoming proposal? This is going to be stupid.”
The next day Chanel woke up to a loud shriek.
“No, don’t please. PLEASE please don’t.”
A deep and strong laugh is let out. "You deserve this, for all the times you treated me like shit. When you told me that I couldn’t be her friend because I was too short. Who’s the smaller one now?” Victoria was trying to pull herself up, grabbing the edge of the counter. The killer grabs her by the small of her back an...

... middle of paper ...

...t Chanel know that I was the killer, no no no. That wouldn 't be good at all especially if we’re best friends.”
“She isn’t going to believe you!”
“Why wouldn’t she I am the one that does have the stab wound in my shoulder, and I’m not the dead one.”
“What are you talking about stab wound? There isn’t a scratch on you!”
Meghan takes the knife in her hand and slowly sticks into her right shoulder. She screams as the blade goes into her arm and as it’s pulled back out. Blood slowly drips onto her clothes staining her shirt red. She moves towards Chad with fast movements. She gets as close as she needs. She flicks her wrist quickly and then watches Chad slowly slump down into a motionless pile, his blood pooling around his body slowly.
“Oh my god! What has he done to you? Are you ok? We need to get you to the hospital now!” Exclaims Chanel. “You’re going to be ok.”

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