Analysis Of The Book ' The Physician ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Physician ' Essay

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The film I decided to analyze was that of “The Physician” (2013). The film follows the story of Rob Cole, a young Englishman in the 11th century with the ability to sense the impending death of an individual by simply touching them. Cole is orphaned at a very young age in the beginning of the film and pleads a traveling barber to take him in as an apprentice. He spends several years with the barber and ultimately learns how to “care” for certain ailments, however he does not deem this acquired knowledge as enough to truly care for those suffering of diseases and sets his sights on traveling to Persia to a city called Isfahan to learn from the greatest teacher, Ibn Sina. Cole, however, is a Christian and in the film Christians were not allowed to enter that land, and ultimately decides to disguise himself as a Jew, as this religious group was tolerated. Larsen suggests that the film greatly explores the scientific advancements of medieval Islam, but ultimately fails in terms of historical accuracy.
One of the high points during the film is the outbreak of the “plague” within the walls of the town of Isfahan. I have come to learn about the black plague on several different occasions, and it has always had a great hold on my curiosity. Especially the thought processes that may have gone into identifying the source or attempting to care for it and how during those times it may have literally felt like God’s wrath had been unleashed unto humanity. As Spielvogel explains, the “symptoms of the bubonic plague included high fever, aching joints, swelling of the lymph nodes, and dark blotches caused by bleeding beneath the skin” (231). These symptoms seemed to have been efficiently portrayed in the film as we see the various patients exhibi...

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...n itself.
Rob Cole is presented as having the gift or curse of knowing when someone will die, which should be a clue that the film will most likely be in favor of fulfilling Hollywood’s entertainment purpose. The bubonic plague, or the “black death,” is widely recognized for its gruesome symptoms and devastating outcome. The film, however appears to have moderated its severity, finding the solution in a matter of days, allowing this Hollywood piece to enhance the role of the hero. Religion played a major and powerful role during these times, yet the film seems to have taken the liberty to modify certain aspects in order to maximize the religious influence and power theme. Even though, the film provided a great distinction between the Dark Ages in Europe and the Golden Age in medieval Islam, as Larsen arguess, it lacked the ability to represent historical accuracy.

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