Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Open Boat '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Open Boat '

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"The Open boat" directly tells the readers that facing the power of nature is actually a test of a person 's psychological strength rather than the physical strength. Throughout the story, multiple ways are used to depict characters ' emotion, mentality, and behaviors by the Author. Furthermore, the author shows the reader the importance of psychological strength and how effective it is to influence others by using one 's psychological strength.
At the beginning of the story, the author used most of the contents to describe the characters ' psychological movement. From the sentences they talked and the behaviors they made whether before or after sailing, the readers quickly understand who and what the character will play the part of. Such as the captain, he plays the part of the leader, the man who managed his boat for decades. After the warship sank, the captain kept steady, "It was deep with mourning, and of a quality beyond oration or tears." (Page 195) which show the opposite: that no matter how strong and peaceful you look like, psychological strength influences your behavior quietly.
Following the unpredictable waves that came toward the open boat, the captain 's characteristic becomes more various. The author chose to give the captain an approachable characteristic by using humor, "Do you think we 've got much of a show now, boys?". (Page 197) Certainly, he asked the question not only because he knew there are risks on survive, but also because of the necessary to let the crews release stress. Actually, this humor here did make some effort as "But they all doubtless possessed this sense of the situation in their mind.". (Page 198) Although he is described as a man who suffered from loss and pain, the author used him to sh...

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... that a person would give the chance of surviving to others, but the captain did. "but the captain waved him away and sent him to the correspondent." (Page 214) the captain knew at that time, the correspondent needed the help more than he did. The author described the captain with the high-quality psychological strength which cannot be crushed by any destructive strength and based on the book, his psychological strength did lead the crew members out from the open sea.
"The Open Boat" is not just a book shows how terrible nature can be. The author left the readers with the great impression of the captain 's psychological strength. Nature is not something that human can ignore. However, with the psychological strength, at least we will have the wisdom to avoid them from harming us. Just like the captain did in the story, which successfully got everyone out of trouble.

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