Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of The Flies ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of The Flies ' Essay example

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Today was a milestone in terms of personal growth for Lucy – because every day since her creation she rarely wandered far from the Fox homestead where she worked. That is of her own free will. Fredrick, her owner, was generous with her days off, often recompensing his AI for the housekeeping and childcare. Probably being too generous considering she didn’t require much personal time. Having already read every book Mr. Fox owned however, because honestly she had a ridiculous time stopping herself from reading (even the children’s book), Lucy found herself in need of more. It was a different experience for her to explore the world on her own, – since it normally consisted of a quick trip to the mark with a baby – but with no book to steal her free time, the android, for the first time, traveled outside the safety of the Eidera sector. And into the unfamiliar parts. Blindly.

Because criminals were only fictional, right?

Pressing out any imagined wrinkles she had in her dress, Lucy continued to walk down the familiar path until it became unfamiliar. The farmers market she ordinarily v...

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