Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of ' Alma ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' The ' Of ' Alma ' Essay example

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Alma is one of the most faithful prophets in the Book of Mormon. From dealing with Korihor and the mission with the Zoramites, he continues to love God and pursue his mission of spreading the everlasting gospel. It is interesting because there would be a completely different story of Alma if an angel never appeared to him. Sometimes man just needs to be given the truth right in front of their face in order for their faith to change. Throughout the scriptures of Alma, we are taught detailed information about Alma’s humble prayer, Alma’s counsel to his sons, and the plan of happiness. Alma taught that pride is an evil thing to be swallowed up on, but can be overcome; he taught to his sons about the teachings of Christ and that we must follow him; and that the plan of salvation is the ultimate plan of happiness.
In Alma chapter 31, this is the mission of the Zoramites for Alma. He is disappointed about the evils the Zoramites have been worshipping such as dumb idols and denying there is a Christ. Alma then knew he needed to go on a mission to save the Zoramites. He took his younger sons, Shiblon and Corianton to go on the mission with him. Once they arrived to the land of the Zoramties, they beheld something they have never seen before, nor did they expect it. They came upon synagogues that were built up by the Zoramites. The syangogues was a way for the Zoramites to worship. How it was done astonished Alma and his sons. One person would go up on the synagogue and stand and yell with their arms and hands stretched out yelling out to God about being the chosen ones. Alma noticed that they would only talk about God when they were at the synagogues and then go home never talking about God again. Of course, Alma realized that teaching ...

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...t a goal to reach the highest level in the Celestial Kingdom of the plan of salvation. Ever since I was introduced into the gospel of Jesus Christ, the plan of salvation was my favorite lesson. I found it so fascinating that I could return to Heavenly Father again, and I also found it very comforting that my family and I could be together again as well.
Alma is truly a disciple of Jesus Christ. He went from wanting to destroy the church of God to being one of the greatest prophets in the Book of Mormon. Alma taught that pride is the closest way to get to Satan. Being swallowed up in pride can lead away from Christ. Alma taught his sons that they must follow Jesus Christ and his teachings. He really is the Son of God and we must always have faith in him. Lastly, Alma knew the only way to return to Heavenly Father was through the atonement and the plan of happiness.

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