Analysis Of The Book ' The Nine Rings Of Jfk ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Nine Rings Of Jfk ' Essay

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On the 22nd of November of 1963, the world was forever changed in a short six seconds. On this date, the United States lost one of its most beloved leadership figures. President John Fitzgerald Kennedy was shot and killed by an assassin while riding through downtown Dallas, Texas. This event sent shock waves throughout the nation and people were stunned in disbelief. The 35th President was shot and killed by gunman Lee Harvey Oswald, who was arrested by Dallas police shortly after the assassination. The assassin Oswald was camping out in the Texas School Book Depository building, where he fired three shots from a rifle towards the President’s motorcade. The scene was captured in Dealey Plaza at approximately 12:30pm. His status was elevated to the level of martyrdom and he has forever left a lasting impact on this country. Ever since the killing, there have been countless pieces and studies written about the President Kennedy’s life and last moments. J.T. Barbarese wrote a poem decades after the event and titled “The Nine Rings of JFK”. This fictional poem however was not written in the common Kennedy-praising lens, but a humbling light. Barbarese uses his work to paint John F. Kennedy’s last moment alive in a less favorable light by illustrating his death occurred while he was without clean conscience. In addition the Barbarese, the world-renowned American poet Rita Dove wrote her own account of the President’s assassination. She writes her real description of the moment she heard the President had passed away. Lastly, a study written by Professor Moya Ann Ball, featured in academic literary magazine Presidential Studies Quarterly, took a deep look behind the symbolic impact John F. Kennedy’s death on his successor, Lyndon B. Joh...

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...ant to the country.
November 22nd, 1963 will be a day to live in infamy. Forever remembered as the day the United States lost a great leader and man in the passing of John F. Kennedy. As seen through these different writers, some like Barbarese will question the type of the man the martyr was, some like Dove will always remember how deeply saddened they were the news of his death broke out, and some like Ball will analyze how he impacted the country through life and death. Even each author used this topic of JFK’s assassination, all three of them approached the subject with drastically different elements such as the point of view they each wrote from, the voice used in each of their writings, and the overall purpose for their writing. By using three dissimilar styles to three literary elements, each author brought a new argument to the assassination of JFK.

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