Analysis Of The Book ' The Mechanics Of Being ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Mechanics Of Being ' Essay

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This article brings forwards some interesting conversation on the issue of identity and the human desire to label things. In writing about his father blindness, or in write about his out experience as a black youth, he worries that other things about him will be erased. He worries that, when his works gets labelled in a certain way, the other factors that go into what he is writing abut will be ignored. The is the clear purpose of writing “The Mechanics of Being,” Walker wants to write about his father as a person, and not simply as a blind man, but as he attempts to do so he still has a tendency to write about blindness.
At the end of the article, Walker tells a humorous story about his father accidentally taking underwear to the dry cleaners, and he writes, “If I ever attempt to write another novel about my father, this is where it will begin.” I found myself wishing that he had included this earlier in the paper, because this story does have the effect of personalizing his father. However, it was a powerful way to end the essay because it makes it clear to the reader to way in wh...

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