Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Last House Standing '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Last House Standing '

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The Last House Standing
The American dream is viewed in today’s world as working to make the newest technology and make life as easy as possible. This house embodies that ideal; however, it has turned into the American Nightmare. There is no work needed to be put in by this family to keep the house running. The house is the “human” working. It has taken over the American Dream. The home feels like a human would, but continues its tasks even after a revelation of emptiness. This building continues throughout the story to show its humanity and its willingness to survive.
Bradbury continuously hints at the human characteristic throughout the story, creating this “human-like” house that is still a machine. The house is literally alive; it has eyes, “memory tapes glided under electric eyes.” “the house had kept it’s peace. How carefully it had inquired, ‘Who goes there?’… bordered on mechanical paranoia.” All of these are personifications of the house and how it acts as a human would if left all alone. Nevertheless, there is an artificial aspect to this house’s “humanity”. When Bradbury writes about the mice and how they scurry and clean the house not only does he personify them by saying “ …whirred angry mice, angry at having to pick up mud, angry at inconvenience.” which is a very human-like tendency, he gives them purpose. When there is something to be cleaned, people tend to be frustrated at the extra work. The mice show this and there is another characteristic that makes them human-like, their pink eyes. The significance of pink in literature is a type of love and innocence, which is shown in the mice; yet there is a significant mechanical feature that one cannot get past.
Even though one can tell that the human race can stil...

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... out from behind the rain.” The sun represents the shedding of light on the dark world and bringing forth of new information. It is here in the story that one learns that the family is actually dead and not simply on a trip. “The gentle sprinkler rain filled the garden with falling light.” This falling light epitomizes the end of an era of not only humans but the end of the life of this house. This sentence, along with the poem by Sara Teasdale later in the story, foreshadow the end outcome of this story; the death of all man-made constructions.
One also learns that not only does the house no longer have the family with it, but it is the last house standing in the entire city. This house is all that is left of the human’s creations in the city. This epitomizes the loneliness that the house feels when the humans die and do not respond to its reminders and questions.

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