Analysis Of The Book ' The Land ' By John Higham Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Land ' By John Higham Essay

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Strangers in the Land, written by John Higham, is a book about the history of nativism and immigration policy. This book roughly takes place through the years of 1865-1920. World War I happened during this time and that had a significant effect on American’s views on immigration. This was a time of economic crisis and chaos in America.
The main goal of Strangers in the Land is to give evidence that nativism spreads throughout all of the United States history and is exasperated by crisis that happens in our own country. He wants us to see that America went through a big change of mind about immigration over the years. Another one of his objectives is to show people through his book that this is one of the most important time periods in the history of America and he wants us to realize why. He shows us how the gates became closed, but he briefly touches on is why sections should have swung to restriction of immigrants. One of his strong points is that in times of economic crisis, the ones who opposed free immigration came together and held strong but, when everything is okay their strong bond disappeared. John Higham says, “A nation of strangers that is open to strangers, and has often taken pride in its identity as a land of new-comers, adventurers, and people willing to embrace change.” What he is trying to say is that we are learning and exploring this land just like new-comers that may be a different race or religion. Higham is trying to tell us that when crisis strikes in America, we automatically blame the immigrants for whatever happens. Initially, we may think that it is their faults because it is easy to blame other people besides ourselves but, for the most part we should be blaming ourselves for anything that happens. ...

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...ut. Immigration and labor unions are one of the biggest parts of United States history in my opinion. The abolishing of slavery led to immigration and freedom in America for foreigners and equality would shortly follow. Strangers in the Land helps me realize the struggle that immigrants and foreigners had to go through to become a citizen of the United States. They had to fight hard to earn their freedom and rights as a citizen. Immigrants and foreigners have a different experience in America than someone who is American and born in the United States. I think this book was a great eye opener to the struggle immigrants had to go through. It has made me earn a whole new respect for them and I look at them differently now, but in a good way. I would use this book as a reference to someone who is still not sure about having immigrants and foreigners in the United States.

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