Analysis Of The Book ' The Kitchen Table ' Essays

Analysis Of The Book ' The Kitchen Table ' Essays

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Sitting across the kitchen table from Rob, Melanie had trouble not smiling every time she looked at him. She was acutely aware of his warm hand gently resting on hers’. Keeping her calm with his touch. Rob is so amazing, she kept repeating that in her head. Almost tearfully she reminded herself that he has been here through all this turmoil. He has been willing to protect her and befriend her. No one has ever done these things for her before.

Rob waited for her to start telling him about her visit. He stood up and went to the refrigerator. He grabbed them each a can of soda and brought it back to the table. This gave her something to play with while gathering her words to explain what all had happened at the visit. She mainly wanted him to know she was going to be alright. She wasn 't defeated; she was renewed and made stronger by the event.

"When you dropped me off I went directly upstairs. The line was long, and before I could enter the ward, I was searched! I didn 't expect that Rob. In fact, I didn 't expect anything that happened there today. When I spoke to my mother, she totally ignored me. She refused to respond to me at all. At first, I was hurt, and then I realized she had done me the biggest favor of my life. She had cut me loose, and I am free. Do you know how good that feels right now?” Melanie was still a little giddy from her mood lifting decision.

Rob smiled across the table at her as she relived the pain and then the joy of realizing she had been presented with a gift. Her mother didn 't even realize she had given her the most incredible present. Melanie now had an opportunity to be happy. Melanie shared with Rob how Rachel had been freed by all this as well. "Rachel may have had some unresolved issues of ...

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...ce in order to sound mysterious and ominous and wagged his eyebrows. Mel laughed because she wasn 't afraid in the least. Rob cashed out his tips for the evening and waited on Melanie to complete her closing procedures. Melanie took her time balancing the total between the cash register and the computer and sighed a huff of relief when she was finished.

She worried about taking so long when Rob was already finished for the night and was waiting on her so that they could leave. Rob never seemed to mind, he sat watching the late show on the television that was suspended from the ceiling at the far side of the pizzeria. It was late when they headed to Rob 's home and they both grumbled all the way home. “It’s not right to stay late and then get up early for school in the morning. Ah, who are we kidding, we love it,” Melanie said laughing.
Rob laughed, “yeah, I know.”

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