Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Hobbit ' By Quot. R Tolkein

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Hobbit ' By Quot. R Tolkein

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This memorable beginning to “The Hobbit” by J.R.R Tolkein immediately evokes an image of Bilbo Baggins of Bag End. As an upright middle-aged hobbit, he is settled into the slow pace of his life – until thirteen dwarves fall through his door and change him forever. Through the entire novel he is pushed to his limit until he is forced to change. However, despite how his character develops, he retains his original morals, which help define his life-altering friendship with Thorin Oakenshield, Dwarf Prince and King under the Mountain.

This picture illustrates Bilbo’s dual nature; he is a respectable hobbit, so he smokes his pipe, maintains his home, and engages in hobbitish activities like gardening. However, he spends great amounts of time looking out over the Shire thinking about the lands and people beyond. This shows that he represses his adventurous side because it is easier to be a normal hobbit. The first quote shows how vehemently he disagrees with adventure, which ironically proves to Gandalf that there is still a rebellious flame inside the comfort-loving hobbit – which he expresses in the second quote.

Both the quotation and picture effectively support a fact that angers Gandalf the most – Bilbo has grown quite complacent in his life. His parents died he he was young, and since then he became a solitary hobbit who only has two relatives he considers himself close to – and neither of them live in Hobbiton. As for the rest of his extended family, he politely tolerates them at best. Despite this, he has a pantry full of food that he has never served to guests. The lines of the song the Dwarves sing to tease him show his fastidiousness, as he is extremely anxious about the mess the dwarves make.

The first quote shows that t...

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...s more decorative and conservative. This is a physical representation of the mental change Bilbo experienced.

When we met Bilbo Baggins, he was a complacent self-absorbed hobbit who despised adventure. Over the course of the novel he proved himself to both the Company and the reader by continuously rising to meet the challenges placed in front of him. He saved the dwarves from the dungeons of the Elven King, helped them regain their home, and stuck an incredibly selfless friendship with the King under the Mountain. And in the end, though he has changed into a brave and willful leader, he retains his grounding moral: he is a peace maker. This is what leads him back to the quiet of Bag End, because he realizes the truth of Thorin’s last words to him: "If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world." (Tolkein 195).

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