Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Goal Like I Said '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Goal Like I Said '

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At first glance, i thought that this book was going to be a very bland business book about production and operations. But as i read the book i actually enjoyed the way it flowed and how it gives you a first person point of view of tragedy to triumph. The Goal like i said is a very different type of Novel, it is a book that sheds light on the production world. It is written in a way that takes the reader in a series of personal events, and ultimately describes a new method to optimize any production environment. The “Goal” for every company or plant is to simply generate money, the question that arises is how.
The books starts off by getting to know Alex Rogo who has an industrial engineer degree with an MBA . He is currently a production manager and has a serious dilemma at UniCo Manufacturing Corporation. The problem he faces is that the plant he works at is neither profitable nor efficient. The situation at the plant is not getting any better no matter how hard Alex works. He is told by Bill Peach who is the VP of manufacturing , that if the plant does not shape up it will be closed with every employee losing their job. On top of that his marriage is running on a very thin line.
A turn of events start happening when Alex runs into Jonah in a Chicago airport. Jonah was Alex’s favorite professor in college. After discussing with Jonah the dilemma he is having at the plant,Jonah then asks a series of questions regarding inventories, labor costs, and bottleneck. Jonah predicts that the problem is high inventories and not being able keep shipping dates. This then leads to the question of, what is “the goal” of the manufacturing plant.
Alex then feels that he needs to figure out this goal. After parking his car, pop...

... middle of paper ...

... if there is a fifteen percent improvement. They achieve 12.8 percent by reducing the batch sizes by half and in doing so, get faster response times with less lead times for the orders and the customers are impressed. They are able to ship 250 each week for four weeks.
Chapter thirty one starts off with Alex meeting with Hilton Smyth the productivity manager and Neil Cravitz. They recommend closing the plant because they feel that the plant is not performing productively in their eyes. Bill on the other hand feels that the plant has been making a profit in the last two months and ends up telling Alex that he has been promoted to Mr Peach’s position as the new manager of the division. Now Alex assembles a tea for his Division. The team then figures out a process to better make the plant more efficient by finding the bottleneck and understanding the constraints.

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