Analysis Of The Book ' The Glass Castle ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Glass Castle ' Essay

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The power of forgiving

As humans, we are entitled to making mistakes in our lives, but by forgiving one free himself from anger. Marianne Williamson wrote this about forgiveness: “ Forgiveness is not always easy. At times, it feels more painful than the wound we suffered, to forgive the one that inflicted it. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness.” In the book The Glass Castle undergoes many difficult circumstances in which the act of forgiveness is the only way to be at peace with her family, but more importantly herself. But the real question is does she truly forgive them. Jeanette’s ability to constantly forgive her parents enabled her to have a positive attitude because the negativity was released when she overlooked many situations they placed her in.

After the destruction and chaos brought into her life by her parents, Jeanette still managed to find it in her heart to forgive them. From a young age, she experienced broken promises and disappointments. For her 10th birthday Jeanette wanted nothing more than for her father to stop drinking. She claimed “there was only one thing I truly wanted more, something that I knew would change our lives”. She felt as though her father being sober would help better them as a family. Jeanette wanted was best, and having Rex use the little money they had on alcohol didn’t benefit anyone else. Although, Rex stopped drinking, he soon went back to his old habits, yet another disappointment for Jeanette. Money was tight and it was hard not being able to have food everyday, but it was worse, having to find out that their own mother secretly stashing food for herself. Jeanette states “ Mom kept disappearing under the blanket on the sofa bed”. She also s...

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...fer and I feel that if there is a crime, a person should be tried fairly and punished”.

Aishat’s quote not only portrays the ability to put her sorrow aside to apologize, for such a crime committed by her own child,but also for the benefit of her sake to remove such a burden upon herself to be able to find peace. On the other hand, with such an opposite situation, Phyllis Rodriguez was able to overlook the fact that her son was killed able to come together with Aishat and complete something great; Both were able to come together and do better for not only themselves, but also their community and world. Rodriguez stated, “ I was still in deep grief.. But her suffering is equal to mine”. By saying that their suffering are equal in two completely different circumstances, it allowed both of them to find forgiveness in each other and build a peaceful friendship.

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