Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Flies ' And ' I Hey Babe What Are You Doing?

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Flies ' And ' I Hey Babe What Are You Doing?

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★★★★★★★★★★★★ 5 years later ★★★★★★★★★★★★

Nicole 's POV-

I pull out the list I wrote many moons ago and cross off a number. His dreams came true even if we aren 't best friends anymore. He is in a band and singing to thousands of fans.

"Hey babe what are you doing?" Tommy asks rubbing my shoulders and kissing the top of my head.

"Marking off something on my bucket list." I say holding it up the folding it back along the lines and places it in my diary.

"I thought you gave up on that since that guy quit talking to you." He says walking to the breakfast bar.

"I carry it around incase I ever complete something on it." I say shrugging and getting up to go to the kitchen.

"When is your mom coming home?" He asks grabbing his backpack. I think for a few minutes I should be okay alone for a few minutes.

"Any minute, go onto school and work. Go spend time with your family." I say kissing him and shooing him out the door.

"Call me if you start hurting again." He says walking to his car. I close the door and lean against it. He would die if I told him my head never stopped hurting.

4 years ago my mom made the hard decision to move back to New York and take care of my dad dying of cancer. I had to say a bittersweet goodbye to my best friend who was just starting to play with his friends. I tear up at the thought of our goodbye.

I 'm sure since he is Luke Hemmings of 5sos he no longer cares about the bucket list we made. We were gonna complete them together, but how can you do that when your miles apart?

Moving here to live my days with my dad in a hospital I met Tommy. Tommy is fighting cancer as of 5 years. He still has his hair and seems healthy so we don 't worry about him a lot. Mom thinks I should have just stayed away from hi...

... middle of paper ...

... have lost their once vibrant glow.

"I was reading your bucket list." I say holding it up in my hand. A look of realization crosses her face.

"What are you doing here Lucas?" She asks sitting up and leaning her head back.

"My best friend is dying and I need to help her complete this list." I say. She laughs before answering me.

"I don 't need you to help me. I no longer have the will to complete that list. You can to back to the stage; I have Tommy to help me." She says closing her eyes. I stare at her in shock. What happened to the see no evil girl I knew?

"Can you leave now?" She asks annoyed.

I leave without saying a word. I realize I still have her bucket list. Imma make up lost years with her during her time alive. I look over the list. Imma have to take her to Paris and South America to complete this list, but I 'll do it for her. I 'd do anything for her.

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