Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Dursleys '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Dursleys '

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The Dursleys, a wealthy English family, begin to notice strange appearances around town. That night Dumbledore, a schoolmaster of a wizarding school, and McGonagall, a professor for Dumbledore, are outside the Dursley’s home when Dumbledore tells her that Voldemort has killed the Potters but Harry lived through the event. Hagrid, the groundskeeper for the wizarding school, then arrives holding baby Harry Potter. Dumbledore leaves Harry and an explanatory note on the doorstep of the his relatives, the Dursleys.
Ten years later, the entire Dursley home is under the control of the Dursley boy Dudley, who bullies Harry relentlessly. Dudley is extremely spoiled while Harry is mistreated and lives in a cupboard underneath the stairs. On Dudley’s birthday they go to the zoo, where the Harry talks to a snake and the glass for the exhibit vanishes trapping Dudley on the other side. Harry is then punished for this unexplained event. When they go back home a mysterious letter arrives for Harry from Hogwarts, a wizarding school. Mr.Dursley tries to keep them from Harry, even when these letters fill every crack in the house. The Dursleys and Harry leave to a secluded island in fear of these mysterious letters. Midnight on Harry’s birthday, a loud bang is heard as the door comes down and Hagrid enters. Hagrid hands Harry one of the letters from Hogwarts, admitting him into the wizarding school. At this point Harry learns the Dursleys have been attempting to hide his wizardry and lied about his parents death.
Hagrid then takes Harry to London to shop for school supplies, where he realizes he is famous among the wizarding people. First, they go to the wizarding bank and Harry learns that his parents had left him a small fortune. A they continue ...

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...’s Stone.
The three then decide they must find the stone before Voldemort does and sneak off the next night. They sneak past the three headed dog, and conduct other impressive feats using Hermione’s knowledge of botany, Ron’s chess ability, and Harry’s flying skills. Harry continues to the room where the stone is held, and finds Professor Quirrell, waiting for him. Harry learns that Quirrell has working been with Voldemort, hosting him underneath his turban. When Harry uses The Mirror of Erised to acquire the stone, he is attacked by Quirrell and Voldemort, but Professor Quirrell burns upon contact with Harry, and Voldemort flies away to find a new host.
The year concludes with what seems like Slytherin winning the house cup, but with the recent events taken into account and last minute points; Gryffindor ends up winning due to Harry and his friends saving the school.

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