Analysis Of The Book ' The Dark Skinny Stranger ' Essay example

Analysis Of The Book ' The Dark Skinny Stranger ' Essay example

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The Dark Skinny Stranger, is book that depicts the point of view of African American children that move to a predominately white neighborhood during civil war era. This book shows how black children are impacted by their past and how it causes them to fear the unknown. Until their sudden move, they had no prior knowledge of what the white population and how they lived. Throughout the book, they come to realization that not every individual is the same. Though they have witnessed second hand and first handily what it was like to be oppressed they learned that there are kind hearted people out there in the world that see beyond color. They come across several individuals that take a liking to them in this new neighborhood that opens their eyes to world that not all white people are hateful, racist people.
At the beginning of the story, Carter gives a depiction about how African American children had no experience and never thought of living in a world where it was ok live in a neighborhood amongst their fellow white Americans. The children were astonished by the new and drastic change that occurred as they moved from their predominately black community to an upperclass white neighborhood. This reminds of when my family and I moved my freshman year in high school. Before the move, we lived in a predominately black neighborhood like the characters in the book. Just like them, my siblings and I had to leave our past behind and get accustomed to living in a world that we weren’t used. Though we have evolved passed the civil war era, these children were much closer to that part of history. They, like myself, had to leave their perceptions and of what it meant to be black in a white society.
Prior to their move, the children heard seve...

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...because blacks and white can’t even seat together not talking of dating or being friends with blacks. The book shows even though it was bad for black people there were still white people who are not racist.
Towards the end Carter’s observes the changes between white and black. He started seeing the growth between white and black. He learns that not all white people are enemies with black. “We were strangers, black strangers, and she went out of her way to make us welcome. This woman’s name Sara Kestenbaum, and she died much too soon, but she remains, in my experience, one of the great exemplars of all that is best civility.” pg 65. Sara Kestenbaum show the children that not every white person is racist. Kestenbaum changes the kids point of view every white person at the end she even took the fears and hate from the kids and turn into making them feel love and safe.

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