Analysis Of The Book ' The Coldest Winter ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Coldest Winter ' Essay

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Porsche Santiaga had spent the first eight years of her life looking up to her older sister Winter Santiaga. In the book “The Coldest Winter Ever” it was all about Winter Santiaga, but in the in the sequel “A Deeper Love Inside” Its time to tell Winter’s younger sister Porsche story. After the arrest of the father of the Santiaga sisters, everything changed for everyone. Winter started worrying about things she never even had to worry about. She had to take care of her sisters like a mother would, she had to find out where the childrens next meal would come from. After going threw hell and even getting arrested to get her and her family back together. She failed at the task of being the most reliable person in her family. Her father got arrested, Their mother started doing hardcore drugs and Winter got in trouble with the law and had to do 15 years in prison. Winters three younger sisters were sent to live in a foster home. They got a couple visits from their mother but none after a while. Porsche was sent to Juvenile because she stabbed her social worker in the neck while trying to relocate her to a foster family. Porsche is determined to get out of her horrible situation and live her live as a strong independent black women. She just wants to get out of Juvenile and reconnect with her family. She is extremely giving and cares about others too and extent. She has terrible trust issues because of all the people that took her away from the only thing she knew, her family. She is in unfamiliar living environments that she is forced to cope with. Porsche isn 't use to nasty meals, hard beds, compact space, undone hair and nails. She is use to the lavish life, her huge mansion with neighbors she never saw, and diamonds and pe...

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... anything as fast as she did.
If Porsche and I knew each other, I think we would make great friends. I would keep her out of trouble, show her that there is more outside of trying to fix everything that is wrong with her family. She should 've realized that her family situation is unfixable, its way to much to handle. Porsche needs a friend to tell her to move on, and I think I would be the perfect person to tell that. She would keep me in a positive space in my life, she would encourage me to keep going with whatever. Shes the type of person to make sure I do all my homework and make sure i 'm studying for all my test in quizzes to make sure i 'm going somewhere in life. She is the type of friend I need, someone to keep my head on straight and tell me when I am focused on the wrong things. If we were friends, we would keep each other on track like friends should.

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