Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Bravest Man ' By Jonathan Zimmerman

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' The Bravest Man ' By Jonathan Zimmerman

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“As now, so then in those parts man roam about to steal children and even adults from their homes, and sell them as slaves in places quite distant, and to prevent my being dealt with in such a manner, my father took the precaution to remove me from my native land to the care of his father-in-law amongst a neighboring tribe called Orodo; here they felt persuaded I would be secure. But wilts playing about one afternoon, with others of my companions mindful of no danger, 12 of these men-stealers rushed out of from the forest nearby and singled me from my mates, and away they go dragging me along with them.”

His writings are powerful and can immediately grab the reader’s attention. His word play allows you to sit along side him giving you sympathy towards people who had to deal with such stress and mourn. Constantly being on the watch for someone dragging you away from family and friends would worry even the bravest man.

An opposing view would argue that Africa bought into slavery. Jonathan Zimmerman talks about how Africa brought slavery into it’s own continent. When the Europeans first started patrolling Africa’s Coastal lines in the 1400s they had with them silver, gold, iron, guns, liquor and other kinds of consumer goods and these were all goods that brought incentive to Africa. Considering Africa did not have much to give back they started offering them other Africans for slaves to purchase these goods. Some would argue that before the 1400s there were already slaves but most slaves were adopted into households and treated as another sibling. They would be called servants rather than slaves. Although when the Europeans came in the market turned into a black market. “There were massive interna...

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...gressive or animalistic manner.

Name any topic, there will always be a contrarian to go against your views. All points that argue that Africa brought it upon themselves should not be valid. African slave trade should not have been something looked to as being socially and morally acceptable. The crushed lives and freedom being stripped should be a perfect argument against the acceptance of slavery. If that isn’t enough you also have the devastation it brought to all parties involved including families and friends and do not forget the loss of basic human rights. No man or woman should be enslaved to another man with same denominations, race or thought process. The change that Europeans brought to the slave market was something that brought too many negative outcomes. The practice of slavery should not exist today or should have existed anywhere throughout history.

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