Analysis Of The Book ' The Best Of Me ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' The Best Of Me ' Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to revisit your past? The Best of Me is a book that shows you what it’s like to revisit that past. The book really grabs you and makes you feel like you too are in the book. Think about that one person that you wish would come back in your life. Now think what would happen if you could fix all the problems you left unanswered.
To me this book did a great job answering all my questions. Let’s first start off by telling you about Dawson and Amanda. They were high school sweethearts that had a great relationship. It was a complicated relationship because Amanda’s dad did not approve of Dawson. Dawson came from a family that was similar to today’s mafia so many people did not like him or his family. Dawson was different than his family, though, he was motivated, smart man who wanted nothing to do with his family business. It was a complicated life style and a complicated relationship. Dawson ended up going to jail, for a reason I am going to keep secret so I don’t ruin the book for you. Amanda visited Dawson every single day for a month and every week for a year. That’s how they broke up and went their separate ways. I felt like this part was a little farfetched because if you love someone why would you neglect them. I understand it’s hard to let someone see you like that, but clearly she loved him, so why neglect her?
The main part of the book is when Dawson and Amanda come back together. They come back together for a mutual friend’s funeral. They had to spend time together because they were both on Tuck’s (the mutual friend) will. They ran into each other at Tuck’s house and that’s where it all began. Amanda was married so she wanted nothing to do with Dawson at first and she was tryi...

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...every chapter got better and better, but the end was just a letdown. His books are predictable and you can almost call the ending by the time you’re done with the first chapter. That is the one fault I would say about Nicholas, but if you follow all his books you know that, that is who he is.
All in all, I thought this book was a great read. I highly recommend it and give it a four out of five stars. Although it has some flaws, I still think to anyone who loves romantic books they would love it. As you read through this book and go through life always remember “pain is like a plant, if you want it to go away you need to pick it from the roots”. This book really taught me that you can’t blame yourself for everything; sometimes you need to forgive yourself. Life goes on, but as this book shows, sometimes you need to let fate happen to show you what life really means.

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