Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Adventures Of A Black Girl ' Search Of God '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' The Adventures Of A Black Girl ' Search Of God '

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The Adventures of a Black Girl in Search of God is a play written by Djanet Sears and presented at the Centaur Theater. The main character is a girl named Rainey, who gives up on a prosperous medical career and devotes herself to struggling with existential questions about religion and God after the tragic death of her daughter. She 's going through a rough patch, but she 's still seeking spiritual salvation. Rainey 's father, Abendigo, also plays a significant role in the story. He 's a retired judge whose last purpose of living is to eradicate racism and discrimination against black people in his city. He wants to enjoy his last moments before he dies. The major themes such as, death, religion and racism in this play are especially important because they serve to form the moral and ethical constitution of most of the characters.

First of all, the theme of death is most notably present in the story. The whole play follows the heroine through her own feelings of guilt about her child. She lost her five-year-old daughter to meningitis three years earlier and she feels extremely...

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