Analysis Of The Book ' Taronga ' By Victor Kelleher Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Taronga ' By Victor Kelleher Essay

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Dystopian worlds are an imagined place or environment in which everything is unpleasant or hazardous. These worlds make a criticism or warning about society through worst-case scenarios in which the protagonist feels trapped.

He sent out a single command, issuing it with all the power he could manage. Raja reared back, snarling, front paws swiping at the air in an effort to break free. 1
Victor Kelleher
Author of 'Taronga '
The book 'Taronga ' was written by Victor Kelleher in 1988. The protagonist, Ben, is a 14 year old boy who lives in Australia after the 'Last Days ' (post-apocalyptic). He has the rare ability to talk to, or 'Call ' to animals. When Ben stumbles upon the mysterious Taronga zoo, it at first seems untouched by the surrounding chaos, but later reveals to be just another big cage.

This dystopian environment puts Ben in many terrible situations, some of which can present themselves to be similar in modern society. For example, within the book Ben is forced to join a notorious gang against his will. If he does not comply, he would meet a certain death.

Instinctively, Ben tried to pull away, but the knife followed him, nicking his flesh so a drop of blood ran down his chest. 'You got the message? ' The voice asked quietly. 2
Victor Kelleher
Author of 'Taronga '

One of the most prominent messages in Taronga which presents itself in society is the overbearing need to control. A very extreme example of this is the child soldiers. Children as young as five are forced to fight, and are recruited for the sole purpose of destruction.

This is demonstrated in 'Taronga ' when Ben is captured, and forced to break into the zoo, as well as when Molly recruits volunteers to attack outsiders. In these scenarios peopl...

... middle of paper ...

...mpact on him. However, in the end he rebelled against corrupt authorities, to break free from the dystopian society and to abide by his morals.

Now, this does not mean you should rebel against your government, but think of all the things wrong with our society. With new technologies fraud, and terrorism are becoming more and more frequent.

Though many have dismissed 'Taronga ' and 'Animal Farm ' as a load of rubbish, listen to the warnings they give. Even now, we can see our own dystopia forming. Though there are already too many problems for use to fix them all, if we fix our attitude we can fight against slavery, free abused animals and repress the creation of our dystopia.

Think 500, or even just 300 years ahead. Will you do something now, so that your children can live in a free world, or will you be a nonchalant bystander while our nations fall to ruins?

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