Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Tales Of Juha '

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' Tales Of Juha '

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Gabriell Needham
Making of the Modern World

The “Tales of Juha” are a collection of comic tales as well as some pieces that reveal information about social problems, religion in daily life, the link between religion and punishment and mortality. These pieces are important to read in order to understand what the daily life and culture of the Muslim empires was like according the citizens. These tales give a great inside look at some of the occurrence of a Muslim citizen.
The approach to religion in the pieces helps to aluminate this chapter. The way the author wrote the pieces makes it very obvious to see the impact that religion has on everyday life. For example, in the tale “I Shall Never Eat Elephant Flesh” as all of the men make promises to their God in hopes that he will save them from their despair, one man vows the Almighty that he will never eat elephant flesh. The other men in the group are very confused by his vow but the man states that he was speaking as his faith directed him. Later in that story when the men came across a young elephant, the one who promised to not eat it, refrained and ultimately saved his own life. The dedication shown by this man to the Almighty, ultimately saved him and allowed him to return home.
After reading all of the tales, I was most surprised by the violence and deceitful behaviors in some of the pieces. I was surprised by this because of the Islamic religion and culture. In Islam, Muslims follow the five pillars which include, devoting themselves to Allah and only Allah, saying prayers five times a day facing the Ka’ba, supporting the poor, celebrating Ramadan and partaking in the Hajj. Most of these tales had to do with stealing, lying, tricking, and violent acts. In the tale ...

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... a nearby city. By devoting himself to his Almighty, he was saved from punishment. In the story “Crime and Punishment,” a man was approached by an old woman who invited him to join her back at the house. They ate and drank but eventually the young woman put the man in a small bedroom as a way to “protect” him from the visitors that had arrived. The man shortly discovered that the woman had tricked him and planned to steal what he had and kill him. The man escaped and later returned to the house as a “new guest” since the women no longer recognized him. The man killed the man who planned on stealing from him and then killed the two women. This story is one of deceit. This seems to be a common theme in the stories I have read which must mean that this must have been a real problem during this time. Individuals seemed to use one another until they got what they wanted.

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