Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Take This Bread '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Take This Bread '

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I have always found communion to be an important sacrament to the Christian faith, but sometimes its meaning can be lost in repetitiveness. Sara Miles, in her book Take This Bread, has shed a new light on what it means to take communion as she writes about her transformation into being a Christian by receiving bread and wine. Hunger is the main theme of the book, whether it be spiritually or physically, all humans are linked by that common need. This transformation goes beyond her and pours into the souls and bodies of the San Francisco community, by sharing not only food but the body of Christ. This book has pushed me to get past my comfort zone and heavily consider the way in which food can be an important aspect of my faith and how I share it with others.
There were many things about this book I enjoyed. I found Sara Miles, the author, to be such a fascinating person. She was a born and raised as an atheist, and considered Christians to be crazy (Miles, 8). Miles had several experiences with food in a lot of meaningful ways, which helped her with her faith and ministry later on in life. Before she was converted, Miles worked at restaurants, learning how to cook and deal with difficult people (Miles, 22). She also worked as a journalist and researcher traveling different parts of the world where she met various kinds of people. In the midst of working in those countries Sara says “I remember the food of peasants, which always tasted of dirt. I remember the food of the urban poor, which always tasted of cheap grease. People gave food to me, and I ate it all: roots, leaves animal hearts; raw, canned, cooked, or spoiled…….. The fact is, people feed one another constantly from their own bodies, their own plates, their own inadequat...

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...wn at her. In Sara’s case I think God made the impossible possible. This story is an excellent example of being embodied through Christ, even through uncertainty.
I have been enlightened by the insight of Sara Miles, and her book has let me see how important meals and food can actually be. She helped me see that the impossible is possible through her ministry and personal story. I learned that sharing a meal or communion is more important than I had previously perceived it, even though the roots for knowing that were there. Most importantly though, what I think I will take away most from this story is the fact that God is always using the things around us to move through us even when we don’t believe or aren’t completely unaware of them. Even when we are uncertain of the paths before us, we know what we have felt, what He has already done, and the promises He keeps.

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