Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Song I Sing '

Essay about Analysis Of The Book ' Song I Sing '

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Discrimination and prejudice actions in American society is prominent with no hint of extinction. In the book “Sông I Sing” by Bao Phi, he depicts and highlights racism in his poems. The poet outlines stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination along with reference to white privilege. This two time Minnesota slam champion injects his passionate feelings of his views of other people into his poems. He advocates that racism shouldn’t exist in American society. Bao Phi is semi descriptive on the stories and brings his poems alive to visualize the content through words. This poet illustrates the effects of prejudice on people in American society who do not feel freedom based on skin color. All of his poems are deemed excellent not just because Phi expresses his feelings and passion toward all racism, but also brings his reader along on the journey. This journey portrays treatment of people of different skin color or gender in America. Bao Phi presents symbols in his poems to help his audience follow along. This makes the poems interesting with an easy flow for the reader. This book is deemed excellent because of Phi’s approach to highlighting racism in American society through emotion filled words.
In the section of his book called reverse racism, “Talking about race and racism in the classroom”, the discussion revolves around how racism is defined in different aspects of our society. Prejudice, stereotypes, discrimination and white privilege are all forms of racism in American society. Bao Phi illustrates by using an example of his feeling being a different skin color. A quote from in his book says “When the American tongue gets a taste for hot dish, I’m going to open up my own restaurant and charge people ten times what the food is wor...

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...t with a lot of content to think about long after the poem ends.
Overall, Bao Phi is a great poet of this generation who brings racism and prejudice into stories by showing how it impacts perception of people. He explained to his readers the need for treating everyone with respect even though the color of their skin is different. The stories were all biased about how white people are controlling this country and he feels on every roll of the dice there is not a fair shake. My personal reaction to the book is surprised as I had not thought a lot about this topic. This poet has good examples of stereotype treatment. Phi puts the reader in his or someone else’s shoes with the same race and forces your mind to rapidly think how fair society is treating them differently. The reader is left with the ultimate decision to analyze their actions and make a change for equality.

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