Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' September Morning ' By Howard Fast

Essay on Analysis Of The Book ' September Morning ' By Howard Fast

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The women in the book April Morning, by Howard Fast, play a major role in some events, and in others they do not. They never play a big role in the community regarding leadership and decision making, however, some of the women are a strong influence in Adam Cooper’s life. Not only were his mother and grandmother his emotional support and source of comfort, they were the backbone to the structure of their family. Fast does not view women as a key group that had a major influence at the start of the Revolution, but he does subtly recognize their importance.
First, the women in April Morning played a major role in who Adam Cooper went to for support, especially when dealing with conflict between him and his dad, Moses Cooper. Adam would often confide with his mother or his grandmother, who was called Granny, about the daily conflict he faces with his father. For example, towards the beginning of this book Adam feels that his father does nothing but argue with him, so he has come to the conclusion that his father hates him. He goes to talk with his mother and Granny about this issue, and they try to console him that his father means no harm and has always been “pigheaded and full of his own notions” (Fast pg. 23). Adam going to his mother and Granny for advice shows that his mother and Granny are his reassurance that everything is going to be okay. Whenever he has doubts or worries he always goes to his mother or Granny to confide in. Mothers are typically viewed as more nurturing and that is exactly what Adam is looking for when telling his mother and Granny about his problems. They are his sense of comfort and home. On page 173 of April Morning, Adam said, ”I am, but I’m dirtier than I’m hungry. I just don’t believe I’m home witho...

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... other men who were fighting go to the Atkins house and the women there were drawing a large number of buckets of water (pg. 151-152). This part demonstrates the hard work a lot of women put in during this time of the Revolution, even though much of it goes unrecognized. While Fast does not consider women as a significant influence at the start of the Revolution, he does indirectly acknowledge their hard work.
All in all, women did not play major role in the events of April Morning, except in those that regarded giving Adam reassurance. Adam’s mother and grandmother were his support system for dealing with his father and were also his sense of home but even more importantly, they composed the roots of their family. Besides including hints at appreciating the work women did during the beginning of the Revolution, Fast does not view women as a strong influential group.

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