Analysis Of The Book ' Saint Monkey ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Saint Monkey ' Essay

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While reading Saint Monkey, there were several parts that reminded me of “Trilobites.” Saint Monkey tells the story of Audrey and Caroline living in a small town wanting to become jazz singers out of their hometown. When Audrey’s dad died is what really made me connect this story to “Trilobites.” One of the main parts of “Trilobites” is when Collie’s dad died and how it affects the rest of the story. One should realize how Saint Monkey and “Trilobites,” are similar through the characters and conflicts and how conflicts throughout the stories affect the characters and what writing style the author chooses to use.

In the story “Trilobites” with the events that happen and how the story happens, I never would have figured how what trilobites really were without looking them up. For a part of the story, there was not any hints that would have lead the story to fossils. When Collie’s father died, it had a major impact on Collie because they were very close. After his death, “Trilobites” goes to show that one event can crush the dreams that another individual character has.

Conflict is the most important thing that happens in a story. It is what makes the story exciting and makes the readers want to read it. Interactives gives us background information on conflict, which is important to understand. Conflict is mostly always resolved before the story is over, but in some instances it stays unresolved. (Interactives) If a conflict or conflicts doesn’t take place in a story, it will make readers uninterested in reading the story. When the author of the story is deciding what kind of conflict he or she wants in a story is determined by many factors. Also, they have to make sure the conflicts throughout the story is believable and importa...

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...e story in depth and basically gives us most of the details that we need to understand the story instead of allowing us time to use our imagination to explain and talk about what would happen next in the story.

In conclusion, one should now understand how Saint Monkey and “Trilobites,” are similar through the characters and conflicts. After reading this paper, one should understand how conflicts throughout the stories affect the characters and what writing style the author chooses to use. Conflicts throughout a story are important for many reasons including keeping the audience’s attention and adding rising action in the story. Without conflict, people may not want to read the story. One should now understand how conflict also affects the writer’s style that’s chosen to write the book. After including some outside research, I have proven that my thesis is correct.

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