Analysis Of The Book ' Sacred Scripture ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Sacred Scripture ' Essay

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This paper is a book review on “Sacred Scripture” written by: Richard N. Soulen. In this book review we will touch on multiple different topics. First we will start with looking at the main aims, arguments, interests, and approach of the book. After that we will transition in to an illustration of these main factors of the book and in particular the ones that stick out the most to the reader. The next section of the paper will be focused around criticizing the strengths and weaknesses of Soulen’s book are, and with that we will determine whether or not he has achieved his goals that his book proposes. At the end of all this the paper will conclude with a summary of the paper. Let’s begin with the focus of the book.
“Sacred Scripture” is revolved around scripture, but it also has another aim that is past and present theological issues people have with scripture. Each chapter poses a different question related to scripture. The questions surrounding the first part of the book, chapter’s one through four, are essentially giving the reader background information on scripture in an assumption that the reader has no knowledge of what scripture really is. The first chapters’ question is, “What Is Sacred Scripture?” In this chapter Soulen discusses how the Old Testament and the New Testament are considered scared scripture. In these subsections the reader gains knowledge about what parts of the old and new testaments are considered scared passages. Chapter two asks the question, “Which Scripture Is Sacred?” This chapter teaches the reader what different groups considered passages as sacred. It also addresses the question on how they came to be sacred and why others are not considered scared. Chapter three teaches the reader about which ...

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... was he never seemed to answer the question “why?” Especially in the opening chapters he did a great job of answering “which” and “what” but he never seemed to answer “why.” As a new student I would have loved to have been told why these passages were considered scared or why not, but rather I have had to make my own assumptions and look to other sources for answers.
To summarize, this paper discussed the main aims, arguments, interests, and approaches, as well as detailed aspects of the text and strengths and weaknesses of Richard N. Soulen’s book “Sacred Scripture.” Overall I think Soulen did a great job of writing this book. He got most of his points across and did a good job at doing so. The only way this would have been a better book if he was a tad bit more organized as it would have been easier to read and comprehend or if he answered more “why” questions.

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