Analysis Of The Book ' Rise Of The Warrior Cop ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Rise Of The Warrior Cop ' Essay

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There​In today’s society police have a very difficult role to play in trying to keep people safe? When many people think of police they think that their job is to catch the criminals, but that is not their only role. Everyday people are faced with ethical and moral decisions but when it comes to policing they face the most challenging and difficult ethical as well as moral decisions. The actions police take cannot only effect their lives but others as well tat is why they have the most challenging job and the most intricate job. So what really is the purpose of policing?
​In the book Rise of the warrior cop written by Radley Balko, he states that “Police forces have been apart of the American criminal justice system since an eight –man department was established in Boston one hundred seventy-five years ago and the first large department was created seven years later in New York city”(Balko 4). As a police official you have his role in society where you are supposed to be the hero of the city you work for. Police are given different types of ways to enforce the law that not only does the state have but also the federal law as well. In order to keep the community safe police go to extensive training and as well as extensive written tests. No only do they need to pass those they also get different types of weapons and tactics that will help them control the community as well as keep the community safe. Without policing we would have chaos everywhere for example the movie the purge has one night where all crime is legal but if there was not anyone to stop the crime the our world would self destruct very quickly. So the sole purpose of policing is to serve and protect our community, without policing the world would be very difficult...

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...(police). If the police get their power from the constitution as well as the government then that do they report to?
​In general each police force has a chief of police. The chief of police is the first chain of command on the force. Some states have appointed and elected chiefs. In some places the chief is the head of the police commission as well as the top leader of each force. The chief will over see their department and they will ultimately get everything reported to them. As a police officer you report to the chief and if the chief doesn’t think he or she can handle it then they will find higher authority. The police men report the chief and when the chief has all of the information the Chief can then go to the mayor to ask for help, ask for improvements or whatever it is that that chief needs to address he has the authority to take any situation to the mayor.

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