Analysis Of The Book ' Republic ' Essay

Analysis Of The Book ' Republic ' Essay

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Mid-term Exam question 2
In the book Republic, Plato is on a quest to define Justice as he builds the ideal city. His city is ruled by philosopher kings, the true rulers. Philosophers, in Plato’s opinion, are best fit to rule and judge because of their love of knowledge and wisdom. When arguing philosophers have the experiences of all regimes Plato says, “The philosopher to have tasted the kind of pleasure that comes from the sight of things as they truly are. ‘so far as experiences goes, then,’ I said, ‘he is the one who is in the best position to judge” (325). Plato believes, that because philosophers have all the parts of the soul that other types of rulers contain, plus the ability to be able to see the world for what is, they then have the experience of being those other forms of rule. In my own opinion this is not true. A person or ruler might have the intellectual ability to have an idea of what it is like another form of rule, but they will not have the “experiences” or “desires” of that rule without actually being that person. Plato has a concept or analogy of the cave, where he believes that it is philosophers duty to save people by leading them out of them out of the dark and into the light. He wants them to see the world for what it is, instead of its beauty they think they see. It’s the philosopher job to unveil them (238-246). This is one of the biggest reason the philosopher king is preferred over the other types of rule and mainly democracy. To him, it shows their ability to justly lead their people in the right direction and that they are practicing their proper expertise. The second reason the philosopher is preferred is because of the notion that philosophers have the experience of all regimes and there for...

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...In Plato’s, hierarchy of regimes, he lists the democratic regime next to tyrannical regime, to Plato the further a regime is from the Aristocratic (the most just society) the less just they become. I do not agree with Plato about his beloved Philosopher king, even though Democratic governments are not perfect. To me the Philosopher king theory, is too farfetched. I especially don’t agree with the cave analogy and the idea that the philosopher king is saving the world from their own ignorance. On the other, there are issues democracy government and those who get elected into office. Our county has had some really good presidents and really bad ones. Also we have had some bad and good congressmen. Yes, Plato is right that these officials do affect our lives when they cast their votes on measures, but it is the closest thing we have to the people in terms of a regime.

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